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Bradley Bourque

Consultant and Team Coordinator

Born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida. Bradley Bourque comes from a family rich in their love of animals. From birds to squirrels to dogs Brad has grown up around them all. By far his favorite, are dogs.

Several years ago Bradley met Sam Ivy due to his desire to train his own dog Buster a Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix who was poorly behaved. Bradley wanted Buster trained to the highest level possible. Through Sam Ivy's program, Buster is now an amazing example of obedience and compliance and is today a certified therapy dog. Buster did not start out this way however, far from it, but upon completing his sessions with Sam Ivy, Buster was transformed into the ultimate in canine companionship.

Soon after completing training Bradley came to work for Sam Ivy K9 Consultants and became certified by Mr. Ivy personally in Proper Pack Behavior, Basic to Advanced Obedience, Elite Level Off-leash Training and Service Dog Training. Today, Bradley has now risen through our ranks to the level of Team Coordinator of Tampa and has recently joined our Sales Team. Bradley is grateful for his career with Sam Ivy due to the ongoing personal growth and development.

He is most grateful for his ability to share what he has learned and to reach out and touch so many people in such an impactful way. His drive and passion towards helping people achieve real results makes him a valued team member!


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