5 Recipes Your Dog will Love You For – #2 Homemade Chicken Dinner

While it may be true that the path to a man’s heart starts from his stomach, this is a universal truth in the case of dogs. If you give him the right, balanced, nutritious meals he needs, he’ll grow healthy, strong and happy.  On the other hand, deprive him from these or feed him something nasty and you’ll find a gooey surprise on the carpet or in your shoe. Now if you want to protect your dog and give her a culinary treat courtesy of your kitchen, here are five recipes you should definitely try.

#2) Homemade Chicken Dinner

dog chef

Dogs love their chicken and so will you since you won’t be searching high and low for this ingredient. What further makes this recipe great is the fact that you can add veggies to it (no onions or undercooked carrots), covering all the nutritional bases for your pet.


5 lb. chicken (all pieces including neck meat and liver)

5 raw or cooked eggs

2 cups red cabbage

2 cups spinach

2 skinned apples

2 tbs. olive oil


Chop up the chicken and throw it into a pot until semi-cooked.

Let the broth simmer before adding the vegetables and apples, diced up.

Allow the mixture to simmer again until the chicken is fully cooked.

Remove the pot from the stove and allow its contents to cool down before adding the remaining ingredients.

Feed this mixture to your pet depending on his size. For instance, a large dog between 60 and 75 pounds can have two and a half cups of this mixture per day.