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On-Leash Obedience Training

On-Leash Obedience Training

Going beyond basic obedience.

This is where the real fun starts! Now that we have a strong foundation of respect from our Proper Pack Behavior training, your dog is ready to start obeying!

We often hear comments like "How to get your dog to sit or lay down is something you can easily learn on YouTube!" What we offer goes way beyond basic obedience you can look up online or what you can learn at big pet store group classes. Here's how you can tell the difference:

  • If your dog knows that "sit" means "put your butt down", but you have to repeat the command 5 times before he reacts - your dog is not really trained!
  • If he chooses to ignore you altogether every other time you give a command - your dog is not really trained!
  • If your dog only complies if you bribe her with a treat or a toy - your dog is not really trained!

Our trainers are true obedience experts and we continuously practice to perfect our skills. Our obedience training program is based on the technique of Marker training, also known as "clicker training". With close attention to detail we will teach you all the techniques and hand signals used by professionals at obedience competitions. The positive interaction with your dog and the fun both of you will have during our obedience program will create an unparalleled level of friendship between you. There is nothing better than getting compliments on having such a well behaved dog. The two of you will become the perfect team!

Are you ready to take your doggie to the next level of obedience? Schedule your Initial consultation to discuss further.

Off-Leash Obedience Training