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Ryann Dragon

Ryann Dragani

Team Trainer

Ryann was born and raised in Brewster, New York. She spent the majority of her youth outdoors interacting with many animals, but horses and dogs were her favorite. She began taking horseback riding lessons at ten years old and got her first horse when she was twelve years old named Dallas. A few years later, Ryann spent the summers running camp at her barn, teaching the campers how to ride, understanding horse behavior, and how to care for their equipment. The horse world and teaching people became her passion. She moved down to Florida to attend Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg and graduated with a major in Human Development and a minor in Italian.

While Ryann attended college, Dallas was never far, he also moved to Florida and resided at a barn nearby. She adopted her dog Bruno, a lab mix, after graduation and discovered he had severe aggression towards people and other dogs. Ryann was his fourth owner in one year and after biting several people and attacking multiple dogs, Ryann reached out to Sam Ivy K9 Consultants for help and soon after became a client. Her and Bruno completed their program with Sam Ivy K9 Consultants and Bruno now exemplifies the ideal characteristics of the perfect canine companion, displaying absolutely NO aggression towards people or other dogs whatsoever.

Ryann and Bruno now enjoy spending their days at the barn where Bruno has ample space to run in the fields while Ryann rides her horse Dallas. They love traveling to state parks and exploring different parts of Florida. Bruno even joins Ryann on her weekly trip to the grocery store. Soon after being a client, Ryann began joined the Sam Ivy K9 Consultants team and she could not have asked for a better career opportunity.

What she loves most about being a Sam Ivy K9 Consultant is showing people that there is another option for dogs with extreme behavioral issues. Dogs do not need to be put down or rehomed because of these issues; dogs need to be lead by his or her owner in a constructive way. Ryann firmly believes that every dog has the capability to have respect for his or her owner in all situations.

Prior to being a client and trainer for Sam Ivy, she was unaware of the canine world and that the laws are different for dogs. She loves to teach people the difference between human and canine interactions and give them knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Ryann is of great value to the team because she was a former client and can see each point of view as a client and a trainer. Trained directly under Sam Ivy and Bradley Bourque Ryann is certified in Proper Pack Behavior, Basic to Advanced Obedience, Off-leash Training and Service Dog Training. She is quickly moving through the ranks and is currently on track to being promoted to Team Trainer in early 2017.


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