Sam Ivy

Owner & Master Trainer

Currently residing in Tampa, Florida, Sam Ivy was born and raised in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Although those who know him now would not believe this to be true, Sam was deadly afraid of all dogs when he was a child. He was bitten at a very young age and could not be within several feet of them without freezing and plugging his ears.

That all changed when in the early 80’s at the age of 12 his older brother brought home a 12 week old Rottweiler puppy on his college break named Franko. From that day forward Sam fell head over heels in love with that dog. He fed him, he walked him, and trained him to the best that he could at such a young age and they were inseparable for 5 straight years. Franko’s life unfortunately was cut short due to debilitating unilateral hip dysplasia, which is typically a congenital condition that had been diagnosed a few years earlier.

In the late 80’s Sam got his next dog, also a Rottweiler during his freshman year at Ohio State named Bodhi. He was a high drive, dominant dog, beyond Sam’s ability to train him so he sought out professional help and subsequently joined a Rottweiler training club. This club specializing in very high level training; on and off leash, tracking/search and rescue as well as personal protection work. This club was just the right fit for Sam at the right time.

This was the beginning of Sam Ivy’s professional dog training career and where he learned the difference between what most dog trainers were doing, getting limited results, and the real training he was learning, which got top results in virtually ninety plus percent of the cases.

Since then Sam Ivy has developed his system of training through a very rigorous time tested process of training, testing and measuring, results based techniques, methods, and philosophies. Constantly learning and revising his process Sam Ivy has developed a system of training over the past 30 years that is tried and true, leaving out what doesn’t work and keeping what does along the way.

Sam has a deep passion for what he does having lived it for most of his life and has identified a virtual pandemic of dogs that are being released into the ASPCA’s and shelters around the country. Literally millions of dogs every year are relinquished and most due to behavioral issues. 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year as a direct result. In hopefully worthwhile attempt to combat this pandemic Sam Ivy is no longer just teaching his training system to trainers and clients in the Tampa Bay area but is in the process of rolling out a national and international training program to teach a system of training that gets real results throughout the US and beyond