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Jordan Goffar

Jordan Goffar


Jordan Goffar is a Florida native from Cape Coral, Florida. She has two dogs: a four- year-old lab mix, Leo, and a six-year- old golden retriever, Lily. Jordan's dogs behaviors were very poor before she met Sam Ivy K9 Consultants. Looking for help she found Sam Ivy and hired his company because of their professionalism and their commendable reputation throughout the community. Upon completion of her training program Jordan can take her dogs anywhere now.

Her favorite thing to do with her dogs is go on adventures. They love to go kayaking and hiking and to just spending time in the outdoors. Jordan was so impressed and pleased with the results that she decided to pursue a career with Sam Ivy K9 Consultants.

Her favorite thing about working for Sam Ivy is the team she's fortunate enough to be able to work with. The help and support on the team is tremendous and everyone works so well together. As a Trainer in the company Jordan is now able to share what she has learned and help others experience the same joy she did when she was a client. Today Jordan is on track to being promoted from Trainer to Team Trainer spring 2017.


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