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Do you and your dog battle to see eye to eye?

Our dog training program is the solution!

We can help with: We offer:
- Aggression (other dogs or people) - Private, In-Home Training
- Chewing/ Biting/ Mouthing - Basic to Advanced Obedience
- Pulling During Walks - On and Off Leash Training
- Jumping - Puppy Training
- Excessive Barking/Whining - Service Dog Training
- Separation Anxiety - Entrenamiento para perros en español
- House Breaking - Free Initial Consultation

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Unfortunately the dog training industry as a whole is failing those in need of serious help for serious issues. Those who desperately need help with canine aggression, soiling in the house, damage of furniture, clothing, etc., are typically forced to deal with dog trainers who can do little more than offer "sit-and-stay" training, with severely limited ability, if any, to deal with any of the issues mentioned above. This is a very serious issue. Many have found themselves at their wits end having gone through several trainers, wasting precious time and money. They have also suffered untold levels of frustration, anger and even fear due to their inability to control their dog's behavior, even with the help of "dog trainers".

People are being told to keep their dogs away from, kids, men (sometimes women), as well as put their dogs on medication such as Prozac and even Xanax! Others are actually being told that their dog is beyond help and should be put to sleep! This is a serious problem that has gotten completely out of control.

Sam Ivy's dog training program is simply a straightforward, relentlessly pragmatic and enlightened approach to what REALLY works in eliminating bad dog behavior AND manifesting good dog behavior.

  • Not what should work
  • Not the academic theories of or about 'dog training'
  • But what ACTUALLY works!

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