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Congratulations to Bodi owned by Pam and Travis white for completing proper pack. Bodi was jumping all over them and guests and had little respect for anyone. Now he knows his boundaries and respects when his owners tell him no. Great job guys!

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13 hours ago

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Congratulations to Otis and his owners Vanessa and Matt Wiley for completing Intermediate On Leash Obedience. Otis was very aggressive towards other dogs on walks. Once he would see one, he would growl, bark, and lungs towards them. Now he can walk past other dogs with ease and is a rockstar with the obedience. He gets to join his owners at local restaurants to sit outside and does not react towards other dogs that walk by. Great job for all your hard work and keep it up!

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3 days ago

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Buddy is so handsome he could be a Disney prince! ️#samivyk9 #dog #dogs #doglover #puppy #puppies #puppylove #tampa #usa #consultants #pet #ftlauderdale #miami ... See moreSee less

3 days ago

Jonathan Benitez and his dog Kilo have been doing amazing in our Service Dog training program. Kilo is just 5 months old and he does incredible in high levels of distraction, nothing seems to face him, he only cares about Jonathan and to pay attention to him. Thank you for all the work and for following our lead in order to get Kilo to be the best dog he can be! Let's hear it for them πŸ‘πŸ½πŸΆβ€οΈ#samivyk9 #dog #dogs #doglover #puppy #puppies #puppylove #tampa #usa #consultants #pet #ftlauderdale #miami ... See moreSee less

4 days ago

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Obedience Training is not the solution!

Most people today think of dog training as teaching your dog how to 'sit, stay and come'. In most cases, this kind of obedience training is all you can expect when you enroll your dog in a training class at a dog training school or hire a dog trainer. This unfortunately falls way short for many of you who are in need of real help with their dog! At best when you need your dog to listen, your dog only really knows a few tricks and NEVER listens when distracted. At worst your dog exhibits chronic ongoing problem behaviors that are very annoying to very serious in nature. If you're looking for help with your dog's aggression, soiling in the house, incessant barking, pulling, jumping, or damage of furniture or clothing, etc., you are typically forced to rely on dog trainers with severely limited ability, if any, to resolve any of these issues. Many, just like you, have found themselves at their wits end, having gone through other dog trainers wasting precious time and money and still not resolving their dog's behavior problems. Often dog owners come to the unfortunate and regrettable conclusion, that they either have to live with their dog's unwanted behavior or they actually have to give up their dog.

Real Training - Real Results!

If this sounds familiar, we have the solution! Sam ivy K9 Consultants goes way beyond 'sit, stay and come' training. We offer real K9 dog training with real results in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Our in-home dog training program is a simple, straightforward, relentlessly pragmatic and enlightened approach to what REALLY works in eliminating poor dog behaviors and manifesting good behavior. Together we can turn your dog into the ultimate canine companion! With the help of our trainers your dog will learn to respect you and the boundaries you set.

The Sam Ivy K9 training system:

Sam Ivy is an expert canine behavior consultant with over 25 years in the business of dog behavior modification and training. He has spent the better part of the last decade compiling and analyzing dog behavior and he is familiar with all the data available on the cutting edge methods of training dogs.

Based on his research, Sam has developed his proven, tested and virtually unbeatable Human/Canine Behavior Modification Program. Now he is teaching the Sam Ivy K9 Training System to a team of highly dedicated trainers, who will come to your home and teach you, one-on-one, how to overcome virtually all challenges you're facing with your dog.