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Holly Delaye


Holly Delaye was born August 1, 1989 in Austin Texas. Moved to Florida when she was a year old. When she was 5 year old she moved back to Texas with her father. That is when she met her first dog, it was a hybrid, part wolf part Alaskan Malamute, name Wolf. That is when the fascination started, from then on, all she could think about was having her own dog. At 6 years old her father got her and her two brothers a Dalmatian, named Dotty. From then on she was in love with every dog she saw. At 8 years of age she moved back to Florida with her mother.

Growing up she had several dogs, mostly family pets. When she hit 18 years old she moved back to Texas with her father and he got her another dog named Chloe, a Chihuahua. This dog has stayed with her through a lot of ups and downs of life like her father's passing and her moving back to Florida. She always had a dream of working with these wonderful animals she was so fascinated with. Her dream finally came true when her mother hired Sam Ivy K9 Consultant to train her two dogs, a pitbull named Dixie and a terrier mix named Loki.

She now works with the team and currently as two dogs, Chloe and a American Bully named Baxter. The loves of her life.


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