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Are You Struggling With Your Dog’s Behavior?

Does your dog “know” all her obedience commands, but she just doesn’t listen? Have you tried other training programs before and nothing works?

You need an online dog behavior coach!

Let our experienced Canine Behavior Specialists teach YOU how to get your dog’s behavior under control once and for all. Together we will turn your dog into the ultimate canine companion!

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Let’s talk about your dog

Set up a consultation to talk to one of our Canine Behavior Consultants about your dog’s behavior issues and your training goals. Your Initial Consultation is completely free of charge and gives you a chance to ask all dog behavior-related questions you might have. Together we will develop a plan for your Custom, Private Dog Training program.

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Why Virtual Training Works So Well

We Put You in Control

If you let someone else train your dog for you, your dog will learn to respect and listen to that trainer - and not you! All the behavior problems will come right back after the training ends.

In our program, you are the one taking the reins. Our training is about building a better relationship between you and your dog.

Your Environment

Many of your dog’s behavior issues happen in the home. So why take our dog outside of their environment to learn new habits? Through our live, interactive, online training, our trainers are able to see your dog’s every day behavior without any influence of external factors.

Re- Watch Your Training

Having trouble remembering what your trainer taught you? When you are working with Sam Ivy K9 Consultants, all of your training sessions are recorded, so you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want.


Meet The Team

Sam Ivy

Owner & Master Trainer

Gina Avitabile

Team Trainer

Enzo Gonzales

Consultant and Team Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

We are wherever you are! Our headquarter is located in Florida, but we have clients all over the United States.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area or in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area, we can meet you in person if necessary. If in- person sessions are advisable in your case, will be discussed during your Free Initial Consultation. Due to COVID19 we are not offering in- home training, all in- person sessions take place outdoors (front yard, parks, ect), to keep everybody safe.

No, we strongly believe that our approach delivers a far superior outcome! To learn more about this please take our Free Introductory Course. If you want your dog to listen to you and respect you, you have to be the one training your dog. Our experts will guide you and teach you how it is done.

The prices for our training packages start at $800 and go up to $5000 for Off- leash and Service dog training. Which training package makes most sense for you and your dog, and how much that costs, will be discussed in detail during your Free Initial Consultation.

Most people today think of dog training as teaching your dog how to "sit, stay, and come'. In most cases, this kind of obedience training is all you can expect when you enroll your dog in a training class at a dog training school or hire a dog trainer …

If this sounds familiar, we have the solution! Sam ivy K9 Consultants goes way beyond ‘sit, stay and come’ training. We offer real K9 dog training with real results!

Sam Ivy is an expert canine behavior consultant with over 25 years in the business of dog behavior modification and training. He has spent the better part of the last decade compiling and analyzing dog behavior and he is familiar with all the data available on the cutting-edge methods of training dogs …