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If your dog's behavior is out of control, they are challenging you and ignoring all the boundaries you are trying to set,

you're probably feeling:

  • Frustrated by the constant struggle with your dog

  • Helpless because you just don't know how to change the situation

  • Embarrassed because of your dog's poor behavior

  • Maybe you are even afraid because you have no control over what your dog does next

  • Guilty because you feel like you're not a good dog-parent and you failed your dog

To make matters worse...

You hire a "professional" dog trainer, your dog learns a few obedience commands, but the core behavior issues don't change

Precious time, money and effort was wasted and the frustration only increases.

Here's what makes matters worse...

If you try to get help with your dog, only to find yourself in the same position afterwards, you might think that your dog is just "untrainable" and that you have to live with the unacceptable behavior or give up on your dog.

✨ Imagine if you could...

.. just tell your dog "no" and they would listen to you - every time and not just when they feel like it. Can you envision a wonderful, peaceful and harmonious relationship with you and your dog? A real companion, a team player?

Curious why traditional dog training often fails to deliver any real results? Read on...

Here are 3 very common misconceptions that people have about dog training:


I need a dog trainer to train my dog for me

False: If you let someone else train your dog for you, your dog will learn to respect and listen to that person - and not you. Respect is not transferrable!

You can't get someone to repair a problematic relationship for you without you being an active part of the equation.

Try finding an expert that can fix a troubled marriage without both parties being actively involved.

The same applies to the relationship between you and your dog. You also must be actively involved in the training - day one, minute one.


I need to get help with "fixing" my dog, as my dog is clearly a "problem"

False: In reality, nothing could be further from the truth - your dog doesn't need to be "fixed," and there is nothing wrong with your dog!

So why did things go wrong?

You did what you thought would be best for your dog, with nothing but the best intentions - you treated your dog like you would have treated your child. The problem is that your dog doesn't understand "human," and this lapse in proper communication made things turn sour.


Obedience training will make my dog behave better

False: Teaching your dog to "sit", "stay" and "come" will not eliminate any core behavior issues. The idea that you can replace bad behavior solely by practicing good behavior is non-sense. It simply doesn't work.

Chances are your dog already knows that "sit" means "put your butt down", right? But do they actually listen to you when you really need them to? If you're like most people, you already know that all the obedience your dog has learned goes right out the window when your dog gets triggered or distracted.

Which brings you to the question...

What's this innovative approach to dog training that makes all the difference?

(Tried-and-tested to guarantee lasting results)

We've helped 1000s of clients transform their relationship with their dogs, and here's what this tried-and-tested process comes down to:

1. Empowering Dog-Owners: We educate you on how to communicate with your dog the right way. So your dog understands you and accepts the boundaries you set, happily embracing you as the one in charge - true empowerment through knowledge.

2. A Solid Foundation: Instead of jumping right into obedience training like any other dog trainer, we start by showing you how to build a solid foundation of trust and respect first: Your dog will learn to focus on you, listen to you, and trust in your leadership.

3. Expert Guidance: This is not just some cookie- cutter video course. You will be working 1-on-1 with an experienced dog behavior expert and your course will be tailored to your individual needs

Don't just take our word for it - Our clients 💕 are our best advocates

You will see Fast & Lasting Results with our Expert Dog Behavior Courses

Proper Pack Behavior Course

This course is the solution for ALL dog behavior issues: No more aggression, jumping, barking, soiling, chewing, biting, digging, leash pulling, running away, whining...

The Comprehensive Course

The most popular course among our clients is called The Comprehensive Obedience Course. It's designed for people who want to take the bond with their dog to the next level. The first part is our full Proper Pack Behavior Course.

Off-Leash Course

If you want your dog to be outstanding, our Off-Leash Training is for you. As we focus on building a solid foundation first, you can be confident your dog will listen once we take it off-leash.

Service Dog Course

If you need your dog to be much more than a pet, we will teach you how to train your dog to become a reliable companion - a special training for dogs that need to perform at any moment.

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Hey there! 👋🏽 It's Sam Ivy

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Don't give up on your dog! No matter how frustrated you may be at the moment - you can re-build your relationship with your dog. If your dog is not listening to you, it's not because there is something "wrong" with your dog. It's because no one has taught you how to control their behavior. My team and I are here to help. Together we will turn your dog into the ultimate canine companion.

Sam Ivy isn’t “just” Sam Ivy - We Are SamIvy!

Gina Avitabile

“I cannot praise Gina enough for her knowledge, positive attitude, patience, and flexibility. In the middle of the program, I broke my wrist and had to have surgery. Knowing the importance of maintaining continuity, she worked with me to reschedule my sessions and adapted the training to accommodate my cast.”

– Courtney Linn

Holli Kepschull

“I loved our trainer Holli. She was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout our training. I am shocked at the way our dog behaves now weeks later, its like a whole new dog!! We can confidently now take him out with us and not fear he will lash out at other dogs or people. I would highly recommend this company to other people.”

– Laura Bartlett

Nate Childs

“We could not be happier with our training with Nate. I want to emphasize that all of the training was done virtually, and it truly is a partnership where you have to put in the effort to gain the benefits you're looking for. If you invest your time accordingly, you will most certainly see the benefits.”

– Jessica Rapp

Maribel Pavarini

“We had a great experience working with Maribel. She is professional, organized, patient and very accommodating to our schedules. Maribel worked and guided us side by side giving us clear instructions and explained the how and why of the program. Maribel’s guidance and yes the homework, assisted us in Connoli’s good behavior habits.”

Meg Incorvaia

Thuylinh Nguyen

“...walks with Franki were a nightmare. She would pull, lunge at other dogs, and even just stop and lay down in the middle of the walk. Being a Pyrenees, she is incredibly stubborn and would not listen to me. Since completing the Advanced On Leash program with Thuylinh, Franki is a model dog.”

– Elisabeth Baehman

Quantreena Summers

“With the help of Quantreena and this training Maple has become a different dog! When company comes over she now is much more welcoming, and walks have become so much more enjoyable! I am so happy with the progress Maple has made and I am able to bring her to more public places as I have become so much more confident.”

– Petra Whitley

Miguel Montealegre

“Miguel is so kind with his students and dogs and I leave these courses fully confident in my dog and his abilities. We can go on walks off leash and I can take him anywhere I go. Arnie is my best friend and companion and I owe it all to Miguel and Team SamIvy.”

Dana Draper Andersen –

Olivia Honorat

“Our trainer Olivia has changed my life! My rescue lab/pit, Cooper, attacked our neighbor. I knew something had to be done or I was going to lose my dog. I am incredibly thankful for being matched with Olivia. She taught me how to correct unwanted behaviors. More importantly, she taught me how to train Cooper to understand that I am in charge.”

Katelyn Cox –

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