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Noura Ivy

Noura Ivy


Noura Ivy was born and raised in Munich, Germany until the age of 10 and has lived in Tampa Florida ever since.

At a very young age Noura had a deep passion for animals. As a child she'd constantly come home with multiple mice, rats, and even turkeys! As she grew she spent her summers at a local horse ranch where her love of horses blossomed.

Virtually all of Noura's spare time as a youth was spent at the horse ranch as a volunteer and kids horse camp counselor. Because there were several dogs on the ranch, Noura's love of dogs blossomed then as well. In fact her first dog Luna was an Australian Shepherd puppy from that same ranch. Luna and Noura were inseparable and formed an incredible bond until Luna's death.

At the age of 15 Noura's parents got her a White German Shepherd Dog puppy named Soleil (pronounced "Solay") and they have been virtually attached at the hip ever since.

Growing up with a dad who was a professional dog trainer, Noura developed a natural aptitude and ability for training dogs, so naturally she became a trainer with Sam Ivy K9 Consultants. With the help and guidance of her father Noura has become a very strong dog trainer in her own right.


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