Tina Ivy

Office Manager

Tina Ivy was born in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany but raised in Munich. As a young adult she received a Masters Degree in Biology from University of Mainz in Mainz, Germany. Moving to the United States in 2009 Tina was a professor and head of the Science Department at a local college before coming to work with Sam Ivy K9 Consultants full time.

As a child in Munich Tina never had so much as a cat or a dog growing up. Upon moving to the US however, that all changed! Now she is the wife of the owner of Sam Ivy K9 Consultants. She is the mother of a 20 year old daughter who is also a Trainer for the company and is nothing short of a fanatic about animals. Tina has now shared her home with multiple mice, rats, turkeys, 5 cats and a total of 3 dogs!

Sam and Christina are the proud parents of 4 children ranging from 5 to 20yrs old and currently own 2 dogs and 3 cats. Tina is the backbone of Sam Ivy K9 Consultants as the Office Manager and is in charge of marketing and administrative duties.