Proper Pack Behavior Course

Proper Pack Behavior is the cornerstone of our coaching programs. It addresses all challenges you are currently facing with your dog.

We call this the paradigm shift, and dog parents who work with us regularly express that this was a big-time eye-opener for them.

Here we show you how to understand your dog better and establish clear communication between you and your dog.

You'll learn about professional training tools and techniques like

- Using a proper training leash and learning the associated proper leash positions,
- Properly correcting behaviors with the prong collar,
- Correct and safe use of the E-collar,
- Proper crate training (when recommended),
- How to set boundaries, 
- Establishing peace in your home!

Every behavior can be fixed.

Your dog doesn't "listen"? Of course not, he doesn't understand "human"! Yelling and getting annoyed at him won't change the fact that a dog simply doesn't understand that "no means no" and will only leave both of you frustrated.

Learn how to start communicating in a way that not only makes sense to your dog but in a way whereby he also appreciates and respects you.

The result is an amazing transformation of your dog: from stubborn, annoying, or even dangerous - to the perfect canine companion. And the best part is it doesn't even take long!

If you follow the program, in most cases, you will see results after just a few sessions. The art of "dog whispering" is not as hard as you might think!

Included with our Proper Pack Behavior program:

- Personalized, 1on1 live training sessions over Zoom with one of our expert dog behavioral coaches
- Your own username and password-protected portal on our website with access to your training documents and all of your coach’s pertinent contact information
- In your portal, you will have access to all of your recorded training sessions as well, which are automatically stored for you, to watch again whenever and wherever you like.
- Our invitation for you to join our exclusive SamIvy Insiders Facebook Group. Here you will find all of our past and current clients who like you, are like-minded dog parents who now enjoy a lifetime of support from our whole team at SamIvy

Average course duration: 3-4 weeks

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Our 3 year old French Bulldog had behavioral problems, like aggression towards dogs and humans, pulling his leash when walking, biting and barking.

Nate was very profesional and patient, always on time and available for any questions we had. We are very satisfied with how our dog’s behavior has improved.

Veronica Parra
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