Our Dogtastic FAQs - in plain Human Language

Where are you located?

We get that question a lot. And that is very understandable. Because everyone thinks, if you have a problem with your dog, you need to find a local dog trainer - and hope that there is one in the area who knows what they are doing, right?

So let me clear this up: That is NOT what we do: We are not some local dog trainers, you can’t bring your dog to us and we don’t train your dog for you. What we offer is NOT some dog training course.This course is for DOG OWNERs. We don’t train dogs - we EDUCATE people how to be better dog parents and how to get control over their dog’s behaviors.

This is also not one of these cookie cutter online courses, where you watch some videos and then you are left to your own devices to figure out how to implement the training with your dog. In our program you will be paired with an experienced dog behavior expert who will coach you, live, 1 on 1 and step by step.

And like many other advanced education programs, we are 100% online based.

How much do the courses cost?

All of our training courses are customized to our clients specific needs and circumstances.

This is why you will not find pricing on our website. To give you your price for your personalized coaching course, we need to talk to you first, to understand your unique circumstances, what the challenges are that you are facing with your dog, and what your training goals are.

Please book a FREE CONSULTATION to talk to one of our dog behavior specialists about your dog here: BOOK NOW

How can I sign up?

To enroll in one of our training courses, please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

The consultation gives us a chance to learn a bit more about your situation with your dog and what your training goals are. We will then make a suggestion for the training program that best fits your needs.

You can start meeting with your personal dog behavior coach as soon as the next day in many cases.

What does the training look like?

You will find videos of our team at work on the Team page

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