Off-Leash Training

For most dog owners, off-leash training is the ultimate dream goal: To have a dog that consistently listens to them and follows their commands even when they have the freedom of being off-leash.

To achieve this, a solid training foundation is essential.

You can’t start running without walking first.

That is why, in our off-leash program, you and your dog will go through the “Proper Pack Behavior” training first to establish the respect and trust that is needed for any obedience training to succeed.

Before you can let your dog off the leash - even inside the home - you first have to make sure that your dog knows all the ground rules and respects all the boundaries you set for them.

A well-trained dog, when left off-leash, will not

  • run out the door as soon as you open it
  • get up from his spot to wander around the house without being released first
  • jump on beds, furniture, or kitchen counters
  • accost your visitors or beg for their attention
  • run to the door every time the doorbell rings

At the beginning of training, the leash is an absolute must - and yes, even inside the house - because it is the tool that allows you to take control and to communicate to your dog what is expected of them.

We will establish a solid foundation of obedience training on leash first to ensure that your dog truly understands the commands and hand signals.

The final step is then to take the training off-leash gradually.

In the end, you will have that exceptionally well-trained dog that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

What you get with the course package:

  • Your own, password-protected portal with access to your course materials and all the recordings of your training sessions.
  • Completely customized course curriculum: We will determine your individual training needs during your initial consultation and the course will be structured to meet your specific training needs.
  • 25 private, live online training sessions with your personal Sam Ivy K9 dog trainer.
  • Full support during your training program: You will be able to contact your personal trainer anytime by phone/ text message/ email.

Average course duration: 3-4 months

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Our 3 year old French Bulldog had behavioral problems, like aggression towards dogs and humans, pulling his leash when walking, biting and barking.

Nate was very profesional and patient, always on time and available for any questions we had. We are very satisfied with how our dog’s behavior has improved.

Veronica Parra
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