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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer in- home training?

Not as long as the COVID 19 outbreak is not fully under control and the social distancing guidelines have been lifted completely. For the time being we will only “come to you” via your computer/ tablet or phone.

2. Do you offer board and train or bootcamps?

No, when you take our Free Introductory Course, you will understand why we believe that training approach rarely ever works.

3. I have signed up for a course but I think it is not right for me and my dog. Can I get a refund?

This will be determined on a case- to case basis and depends on how much of the course material you have already accessed. Please contact our office to request a review of our account.

4. I am enrolled in a self study course but I need help from a trainer. How can I upgrade?

Please call the office. We will upgrade your account and we will assign you to a trainer.

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