Dog Training for Palm Harbor

dog in Palm Harbor

Does your dog love you, and at the same time disobey you? We are here to help. We know you love your pet, what you’re not so hip about, is their bad habits! Give us a call today! We operate in the Palm Harbor area and offer real training with real results! Our consultants give one-on-one private trainings with you and your dog. We don’t take your pet from you, or your home. It’s you they need to obey, in your home.

Sam Ivy’s dog training approach is attentive to your dog’s needs. The principles they learn will last the rest of their life, and you will both have a stronger bond than you did before. We can identify why your pup mischievously acts out, and ways to prevent it. We don’t prescribe pet medications or use pet psycho-therapy.

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Biting, digging, incessant yapping, aggression, nervousness and separation anxiety – are traits that many dogs exhibit. Its part and parcel with their instincts, but in the human environment, these traits can get badly out of balance. Please fill out our online form, we can help you get peace of mind and find ways for your pet to express their needs, without damaging your home or your sanity.
Do you have an aggressive dog? Possibly aggressive to specific people? Sam Ivy’s dog training approach can find out why, and what triggers this behavior. Does your dog soil your home? Are they destructive to your furniture, shoes, or your children’s toys? Bad habits such as this, always have an explanation. There are no bad dogs, just bad habits, and any dog can be trained.
Has your dog already been through Puppy Training or a licensed dog trainer? While well intentioned, many trainers have methods that have only short term results. Your pup behaves well for a week, but when faced with their old stresses, sink back into their old habits. Some dog owners are told that their dog is not trainable, or even worse, that their dog is a danger and should be put down. These aren’t answers, they’re excuses! Your dog isn’t broken, your dog is your friend. Our dog training program is candid and effective. CALL NOW for your free consultation! If you’re in the Palm Harbor area, let’s discuss the problems you’re facing. We are more than a "Sit & Stay" behavior modification boot-camp. Sam Ivy’s K9 Consultants Have the Answer!
Real training, real results.