The Comprehensive Course

We often hear comments like "How to get your dog to sit or lay down is something you can easily learn on YouTube!"

What we offer goes way beyond basic obedience you can look up online or what you can learn at big pet store group classes.

Here's how you can tell the difference:

  • If your dog knows that "sit" means "put your butt down", but you have to repeat the command 5 times before he reacts - your dog is not really trained!
  • If he chooses to ignore you altogether every other time you give a command - your dog is not really trained!
  • If your dog only complies if you bribe her with a treat or a toy - your dog is not really trained!

Our obedience training program is based on the technique of Marker training, also known as "clicker training".

You will learn all the techniques and hand signals used by professionals at obedience competitions.

The positive interaction with your dog and the fun both of you will have during our obedience program will create an unparalleled level of friendship between you.

There is nothing better than getting compliments on having such a well-behaved dog.

The two of you will become the perfect team!

There is nothing better than having a perfectly trained dog!

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if your dog would listen to you...

  • every time you give a command,
  • immediately when you give the command
  • regardless of the command being given verbally or as a hand signal?

That is what it means to have a dog that knows REAL obedience.

When your dog is used to focussing on you, she will "listen" to you, even in high distraction.

When you tell your dog to "heel", he will walk by your side calmly until you stop walking - when you stop, your dog will sit by your side.

When tell your dog to lay down, he will lay down and not get up until you release him.

When you call your dog, she will come, immediately and no matter what is going on around you.

Included with our Comprehensive Obedience program:

-The full Proper Pack Behavior Course + 3 weeks of comprehensive on-leash obedience training
- Personalized, 1on1 live training sessions over Zoom with one of our expert dog behavioral coaches
- Your own username and password-protected portal on our website with access to your training documents and all of your coach’s pertinent contact information
- In your portal, you will have access to all of your recorded training sessions as well, that are automatically stored for you, to watch again whenever and wherever you like.
- Our invitation for you to join our exclusive SamIvy Insiders Facebook Group. In here you will find all of our past and current clients who like you, are like-minded dog parents who now enjoy a lifetime of support from our whole team at SamIvy
- All required training tools

Average course duration: 4-6 weeks

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Our 3 year old French Bulldog had behavioral problems, like aggression towards dogs and humans, pulling his leash when walking, biting and barking.

Nate was very profesional and patient, always on time and available for any questions we had. We are very satisfied with how our dog’s behavior has improved.

Veronica Parra
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