3 Easy Dog Training Tips for a Healthy, Happy Relationship

woman with puppy

It’s only natural to have a few hiccups in the beginning of a relationship and bonding with a new pet is no different. As you get to know each other and learn to communicate, you’ll be developing a deep trust. It can be frustrating at times, but here are three dog training tips that will make it a little easier.

Getting To Know Each Other

It’s a lot of fun to play with puppies and younger dogs because they’re so enthusiastic. Think about the things that you will allow and things you won’t tolerate. Remember that everything that you allow him to do in the beginning will dictate how he behaves later. Above all, be loving and patient.

This isn’t a process that can happen overnight, it takes time to develop. Eventually, both human and pup understand what’s expected of them and they each comply. That kind of bond comes from a loving environment built on trust and mutual happiness. Whenever you’re interacting with your pet, you have to be mindful of how your actions will affect the future.

Speak His Language

Alright, you can’t learn “dog”, but you can learn to read his body language and understand the meaning of his barks. On the other side of the coin, he’s never going to learn to speak your language either. But he is also able to understand your body language and tone of voice. Once this happens, the language barrier is weakened.

Using the same command every time is a must right from the beginning. Telling him “down” one time and “go lay down” another, for example, are not the same thing. Be specific and use the exact phrase each time and when he gets it right, reward him. Your dog will quickly pick up on your language and do as you expect.

Show Gratitude

Your dog gives you complete, unconditional love and companionship and that is priceless. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re loved by a furry little bundle of joy. Be grateful for the fun times and laugh off the mistakes and accidents that happen along the way. They’re all part of the experience that binds you together.

Remember that all your dog ultimately wants to do is please you. All he needs is a good meal, some playtime and a little love from you. Sometimes, he might forget something he’s already learned. That means you’re going to have to relax and be patient. Learning takes time and lessons don’t always stick the first time.

Realistic Expectations

Making mistakes is how humans and dogs grow and learn. If you want a well-behaved pup, you have to teach him well. Take the time to spend with him and work on commands or learn new tricks. What seems like an easy thing to learn for you, might not make sense to your dog right away.

A well-trained dog becomes a reliable source of comfort and happiness in any family. Just like children, they might get into a little trouble at times, but with the right training you can curb those habits. If you have any questions about your dog, contact us. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.