5 Recipes Your Dog will Love You For – #4) Homemade Beef Dinner

While it may be true that the path to a man’s heart starts from his stomach, this is a universal truth in the case of dogs. If you give him the right, balanced, nutritious meals he needs, he’ll grow healthy, strong and happy.  On the other hand, deprive him from these or feed him something nasty and you’ll find a gooey surprise on the carpet or in your shoe. Now if you want to protect your dog and give her a culinary treat courtesy of your kitchen, here are five recipes you should definitely try.

dog chef

#4) Homemade Beef Dinner

For the pup that just LOVES its beef, this recipe will satisfy his palate and ensure that he loves you for a very long time.


10 lb. ground beef

5 cups rice or lentils

3 cups of mixed veggies

10 raw or cooked eggs


Cook the meat and rice/lentils in a pot.

Add the vegetables once the beef and rice are semi-cooked.

Cool the mixture and serve it to your dog.

Another way of going around this recipe is by cooking the rice/lentils with the vegetables before mixing them with raw beef and making meatballs. Just make sure to cook the meatballs well before serving them.