Introducing Your Fur Baby to Your Human Baby

White Shepherd and BabyFor years, you have fed him, washed him, brushed him, and even cleaned his poop simply because you love him. Your whole world may have started and ended with him, causing your significant other to become jealous at times. However, things are bound to change once your own baby comes in the picture. The pooch you once adored has now been substituted by a small, two-legged pink lump that can’t even walk let alone do the tricks you taught. Now this is bound to cause jealousy and you might need dog behavior training to protect both babies.

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How to Stop Your Dog from Chasing the Neighbor’s Cat

Cat & DogWhile it may sound like the events of another episode of Tom and Jerry, dogs chasing cats isn’t a laughing matter. Your pooch can seriously harm the cat if he perceives her as prey, breaking her neck with just one shake. Even if he’s just being playful, the cat may consider him a threat, initiating a battle of no survivors. Now eliminating this habit is quite challenging, which is why you may need to enroll your fur baby in a dog training course. However, you need to learn how to prevent the problem and contribute towards solving it.

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Preparing Your Dog for a New Furry Family Member

Do you remember the first time you brought him/her home? Leading him gently by the leash or carrying her soft, small body over the threshold to start a new life together? Yes, that was the beautiful beginning of a wonderful relationship. Though there have been many mishaps (RIP, old carpet, shoes, [Insert Martyred Possession]) prior to dog obedience training, nothing can make you regret your decision to adopt the pooch lying at your feet or waiting for you at home. However, there comes a time when one four-legged baby isn’t enough. That’s when you’ll want another pooch or cat to grow your small family. In that case, you need to handle matters delicately to avoid turning your home into a new battlefield.
Until the in home dog training specialist comes to your place and starts setting ground rules for your pets, the following lines will help you initiate a bond between your baby and the newcomer.

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How to Prevent Your Dog from Freaking Out on New Year’s Eve

Border Collie WelpeNew Year’s celebrations, be they at home or outdoors, will take their toll on your dog. Any scraps he manages to steal are bound to increase his waistline or even cause gooey “deposits” due to an upset stomach. However, even the embarrassment that ensues after he starts jumping on your guests (bad dog!) is far from the worst thing that could happen. With champagne popping and fireworks blazing, your pooch is bound to freak out on New Year’s Eve. This could me constant barking, hiding in corners or involuntary “accidents” on your floor or carpeting.

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Fido

happy new year dog

With the New Year around the corner, it’s time for you to put pen to paper and start writing your 2015 resolutions. However, while writing how you intend to lose weight or be smarter with your finances, you need to create a list for your four-legged companion. After all, he can’t hold a pen (yet!) or write down his thoughts like you. In case you’re wondering what resolutions you need to have for Fido, here are 10 of the top resolutions we’ve heard barked around in the dog community.

Resolution #1) “I Will Grow Fit in 2015”

If your pooch spends many nights on the couch, eats a generous share of doggie biscuits, and spends less time running, she may be considering slimming down, especially since Chihuahuas in the dog park can easily flaunt the latest dog fashion. So you need to listen to your girl and start taking her to the doggy park several times a week.

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Types of Dog Behavior Modification: Part 2 of 2

Dog Intelligence

In our last blog post, we discussed five common types of dog behavior modification. In this post, we’ll discuss a few others that we regularly use to help eliminate all types of negative behavior.


Involves a response that ends whenever a reward is removed. A good example is a dog begging from the table. When no longer fed, he will eventually stop begging because there is no reward. Even so, feeding the dog even one time can reinforce the behavior and make extinction necessary again.


Is the process of repeating a behavior the dog has already mastered. It may seem unnecessary, but is actually quite useful in preventing forgetfulness, increasing the odds that the behavior will be performed automatically. Overlearning also helps dogs overcome fears, and increases the animal’s resistance to extinction.

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Types of Dog Behavior Modification: Part 1 of 2

Dog Intelligence

In dogs, behavior modification refers to the process of changing the way an animal acts under certain circumstances. Dog behavior modification can take on many different forms, and more than one technique might be needed to correct a particular problem. Here are some common types of behavior modification your canine might undergo during training.


This method of behavior modification involves acclimating your dog to a certain stimulus so that his response is eliminated or diminished. For example, your canine may learn to adapt to certain noises to avoid becoming alarmed by them.

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Five Things You Should Know About Dog Obedience Training

a dog in front of a chalkboard with commands written on it

A dog that is aggressive, jumps, barks, chews or bites is a serious problem. No matter how much you love them, if your dog isn’t well-behaved, having them around is stressful and potentially dangerous. Dog obedience training experts have varying opinions on how to solve every day behavioral problems. With all the conflicting advice, it is difficult to decide on the right obedience training method for your pooch. Here are five things you should know about dog obedience training.


Even though you think of your dog as a part of the family, the truth is, they are not human beings. You speak, and you expect your dog to listen and comply with your commands, just like your children. The problem is that dogs don’t have the language capabilities that humans do. If your furry friend isn’t responding to you, it’s not his fault, he’s just a dog and it’s not entirely your fault either, you’re just human.

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3 Easy Dog Training Tips for a Healthy, Happy Relationship

woman with puppy

It’s only natural to have a few hiccups in the beginning of a relationship and bonding with a new pet is no different. As you get to know each other and learn to communicate, you’ll be developing a deep trust. It can be frustrating at times, but here are three dog training tips that will make it a little easier.

Getting To Know Each Other

It’s a lot of fun to play with puppies and younger dogs because they’re so enthusiastic. Think about the things that you will allow and things you won’t tolerate. Remember that everything that you allow him to do in the beginning will dictate how he behaves later. Above all, be loving and patient.

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