Are You the Victim of Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

ShuttersLetDownFor many people, getting out of the door while leaving their dogs behind is the most difficult part of their day. You may have had to sneak out multiple times because the jingle of your keys is bound to start an incessantly loud barking fit. And God have mercy when that becomes a howling session that forces your politest neighbor to scream and shout just as loud. When combined with scratching walls, escaping from the room and destroying possessions, this can easily become a job for dog training specialists.

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Sam Ivy K9’s Housebreaking Schedule

Whether you are trying to potty train a puppy or retrain and older dog with soiling issues, this comprehensive house breaking schedule is the answer! If you stick to this schedule and follow the rules, your puppy will be house broken in less than 2 weeks (retraining and older dog might take a bit longer).Housebreaking schedule

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Is Your Puppy Your Master?

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Enjoying a Car Ride.

It was love at first sight – you looked into these big, black eyes and you knew at that moment that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a wonderful companionship. Crossing the threshold with him in your arms has been equally magical because you know that both of you will love this new relationship together. However, there comes a time when that love may waver: when your puppy starts showing signs of dominance. Now this isn’t a problem puppy training can’t fix, but you should be aware of this issue to avoid taking it lightly.

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