“Fido Doesn’t Love Me” – How to Tell if Your Dog Hates You

Annoyed Pug Puppy 2

If your cat is plotting your death, there’s a good chance that your dog may join forces with his feline frenemy. While the reasons he may have started hating you are many, there’s still hope for this relationship and you can easily win him over with the help of a dog whisperer. However, before you go ahead and make assumptions, you need to find out whether the dirty looks your “best friend” is giving you are screaming murder. So here are seven signs that you’ll need to sleep with one eye open from now on.

#1) You Get Smacked… A Lot

If your dog has smacked your leg or the side of your head, take a hint unless you enjoy having his smelly paw thwacking you around. (50 shades of greyhound, anyone?) Your dog is using this as a last resort measure, so find out what’s on his mind or else you’ll be surprised with a gooey gift very soon.

#2) Your Dog Ignores Your Scolding Session

Your dog definitely hates you if she walks off while you’re busy detailing everything she’s done so far. There’s a good chance that you explaining why peeing on the carpet and shredding the furniture is all “blah, blah, blah” in her head. So save your breath and spare your dog the long speech. Just practice prevention to avoid these behaviors or sign her up for private dog training.

#3) You’re Both Sharing Deep Gazes

There’s a difference between your significant other and your dog gazing deeply into your eyes. In the case of the latter, those huge, moist eyes inviting you to lock gazes are actually wondering whether or not to kick your rear. While humans deem eye contact as an intimate and friendly gesture, pooches view it as a threat. Moreover, the whale eye (an indirect stare where your dog looks out of the corner of its eyes) is a signal that your dog is VERY uncomfortable and probably about to bite.

#4) Your Dog Rolls Her Eyes

If you thought this was impossible for your ol’ gal, guess again. Interestingly, this is probably the only sign of her hating you that you’ll get right. So make amends quickly before she decides to show you just how much she hates you.

#5) She Runs Away Whenever You Come In

If your dog runs away, she may be afraid of you. Chances are that she saw you being mean to someone she loves and thinks that you’ll turn against her as well. So take yourself out of the doghouse right away and win her over before she starts avoiding you altogether.

#6) Fido Avoids Doing the Tricks You’re Teaching Him

Most pet owners try teaching their dogs new tricks. However, by punishing your dog, he’ll never attempt the trick again and he’ll definitely have a bone to pick with you. Instead of punishments, reward your dog when he successfully performs and refrain from anything when he doesn’t. You can talk to a dog obedience training specialist about how you can get your dog to do a few tricks.

#7) He Smiles

You must be shaking your head in disbelief at this, especially since you love it whenever he smiles you way. However, little Barkley is showing you all of his teeth to tell you to get out of his sight. If he’s happy, his mouth will be closed or partially open without a tooth in sight. So pull back and consider getting help from experts on training for aggressive dogs.

So don’t let your best friend stay angry at you for long and win him over again. Don’t hesitate to get advice from the experts before you lose your carpet, shoe or finger.