Introducing Your Fur Baby to Your Human Baby

White Shepherd and BabyFor years, you have fed him, washed him, brushed him, and even cleaned his poop simply because you love him. Your whole world may have started and ended with him, causing your significant other to become jealous at times. However, things are bound to change once your own baby comes in the picture. The pooch you once adored has now been substituted by a small, two-legged pink lump that can’t even walk let alone do the tricks you taught. Now this is bound to cause jealousy and you might need dog behavior training to protect both babies.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up your best friend because of your latest human addition. All you need is to follow the tips below and all of you will be set for this new journey.

Focus on Establishing Leadership

You have around nine months for you and your pet to establish who the boss is. During that time, you should also focus on eliminating unwanted habits such as chewing and jumping on people. Private dog training professionals can be quite helpful in this regard. In addition to highlighting your dominance, experts will ensure that your baby comes home to a well-behaved, calm pooch.

Make Sure the Nursery is Off-Limits

Establish boundaries around the nursery and communicate it to your pooch. This will prevent your dog from going close to your baby without your permission. You can later allow your dog to explore the new things you’ve brought for your baby under your supervision, but make sure to instruct her to leave. Doing so will establish your position as the pack leader and ensure that you’re respected at all times. However, never put your dog outside or in another room to separate him from your baby. This may cause conflict, causing your pooch to become aggressive.

Control Your Own Emotions

If you feel anxious or worried during the pregnancy, your dog is bound to pick up on these negative emotions and show hostility to your baby as a result. Therefore, you should curb your negative emotions around your pooch and only exude excitement and happiness to allow your dog to mirror your emotions. The same applies to when your baby is finally at home and wailing its small lungs out.

Find Ways to Limit Your Dog’s Aggression

Aggression has nothing to do with breed; even a pitbull can be quite friendly with every member of your family. However, you should take measures to avoid pushing your docile pooch into aggression. You can talk to a dog whisperer to find out how you can help reduce your dog’s aggressive behavior without resorting to extreme measures.