How to Prevent Your Dog from Freaking Out on New Year’s Eve

Border Collie WelpeNew Year’s celebrations, be they at home or outdoors, will take their toll on your dog. Any scraps he manages to steal are bound to increase his waistline or even cause gooey “deposits” due to an upset stomach. However, even the embarrassment that ensues after he starts jumping on your guests (bad dog!) is far from the worst thing that could happen. With champagne popping and fireworks blazing, your pooch is bound to freak out on New Year’s Eve. This could me constant barking, hiding in corners or involuntary “accidents” on your floor or carpeting.

If you’re a party animal, your four-legged friend may not share your passion for loud sounds and fiery displays. So consider the following tips to put your pooch at ease and avoid sending her to a dog shrink to calm down her frazzled nerves.

  • Take her out for a long walk during the day and let her explore everything around her. Once she’s physically and mentally tired, rest assured that she’ll be too drained to worry about the noise, light and activities taking place outside.
  • If you’re planning to have a Pooch-and-Me New Year’s party, make sure to close the windows and curtains once it starts getting dark. Some people like celebrating early, so be prepared beforehand to keep out the sounds of fireworks.
  • Distract your dog during the celebrations by playing music or playing a game. You can even give her a new toy or some tasty treats to divert her focus on the happenings outside.
  • Keep your girl indoors while the fireworks are being let off. To further ensure her of her safety, sit with her and calm her down.
  • If your dog decides to hide in your cupboard or under your bed, don’t try tempting him with treats. This is bound to increase his anxiety. Besides, you may be injured if he starts scratching his way out of your arms and into his hiding place.
  • Getting scared is completely natural, especially if your dog is small. However, you need to be patient and avoid punishing or fussing over him. Instead, ignore him or else he’ll start believing that fear is rewarded.
  • If you have guests over and can’t take the time to comfort your dog during the fireworks, create a safe space for him. You can set up a “safe house” using blankets so that he can snuggle inside it. To make sure that your dog goes there, provide treats inside it. That way, he can associate the place with nice things and escape there whenever he’s scared.
  • Be prepared for your dog to bolt outside the house if you’re having a loud party inside. So either have them somewhere safe or make sure that she’s microchipped. That way, you can easily track her down if she runs away.

Once the celebrations are over, make sure to check your pooch for signs of stress such as barking a lot, soiling the house, clinging to you and whimpering. If you notice any of these, walk him after the fireworks are completely over and stay with him the whole time. Just make sure to keep him on a leash because he’ll bolt if someone makes loud sounds.

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