10 New Year’s Resolutions for Fido

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With the New Year around the corner, it’s time for you to put pen to paper and start writing your 2015 resolutions. However, while writing how you intend to lose weight or be smarter with your finances, you need to create a list for your four-legged companion. After all, he can’t hold a pen (yet!) or write down his thoughts like you. In case you’re wondering what resolutions you need to have for Fido, here are 10 of the top resolutions we’ve heard barked around in the dog community.

Resolution #1) “I Will Grow Fit in 2015”

If your pooch spends many nights on the couch, eats a generous share of doggie biscuits, and spends less time running, she may be considering slimming down, especially since Chihuahuas in the dog park can easily flaunt the latest dog fashion. So you need to listen to your girl and start taking her to the doggy park several times a week.

Resolution #2) “I’ll Stop Stealing (Much) Food”

He knows that you’re scandalized every time he shows off his stealth capabilities and steal morsels off the kitchen counter or the dinner table. Therefore, he’s planning to avoid “picking” anything as long as you put in some effort to protect it.

Resolution #3) “I’ll Beg Less”

Despite your pooch being the perfect beggar, a canine descendant of Puss in Boot, he understands that this action is demeaning. While he doesn’t want to make big promises such as never begging for turkey scraps, he’ll try limiting his begging to worthwhile things such as going to the park.

Resolution #4) “I Won’t Rip that ‘Cute’ Dog Sweater into Shreds’

He may hate your fashion sense, especially if it doesn’t go with his coat or the image he wants to create for himself. Still, he’ll try to behave and put up with the embarrassing apparel you put him in, even if the neighborhood dogs roll around laughing.

Resolution #5) “I’ll Behave Myself at the Vet’s”

She’s starting to understand that the vet isn’t her enemy, even though he sticks those pointy things in her rump and makes her yelp in pain. Therefore, she’ll try to avoid biting the vet and whoever helps them even if they’re from hell.

Resolution #6) “I’ll Avoid Barking at the Mailman”

As much as you welcome seeing the mailman, your gal may not be as excited. Well, her excitement may take the form of consecutive barking and maybe pacing if she’s indoors. Still, for 2015, she’ll try to avoid exercising her authority over him though it makes her feel most powerful when they retreat.

Resolution #7) “I’ll Be More Civil with Guests”

After a year of constant scolding, your dog probably understands that not every person is a dog person. Therefore, one thing he’ll try doing is not jumping on every person who steps into the house. He’ll also do his best to avoid greeting others the “dog way”, causing both you and your guests to grow uncomfortable.

Resolution #8) “I’ll Avoid Peeing on the Walls and Furniture”

If she knew how disgusting it is to pee on the walls or furniture, she wouldn’t be doing it. Besides, she wouldn’t want to make you go crazy cleaning everything, especially since her own sensitive nose can smell her “deposits” so strongly despite your strongest cleaning products. So, she wants you to know that she’ll be sticking to the fire hydrants from now on.

Resolution #9) “I’ll Try ‘Holding It in’ Until You Wake Up”

Though you wish your doggie had a bladder made of steel, you can’t do much about this really. However, Fido will try his best to wait for his morning walk to tend to nature’s call. So rest assured that you’ll wake up to fewer “accidents”, be they categorized as No. 1 or No. 2.

Resolution #10) “I’ll Avoid the Cat’s Litter Box”

If he’s been sniffing around the cat’s litter box and “sampling” some of the buried “treasures”, you must be too disgusted to let him lick you. He knows and understands that, so don’t worry. For 2015, he plans to stop making the cat crazy (though he likes it) and will be far, far away from her litterbox.

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Dennis the Vizsla
Dennis the Vizsla

hello sam ivy its dennis the vizsla dog hay my noo yeerz rezolooshun is to try to come up with a better git rich kwik skeem this yeer!!! oh and also to eet as mutch hunny as possibul!!! i am not shoor i can stop barking at the mailman tho it is just so mutch fun!!! ok bye

Sam Ivy
Sam Ivy

Lol! How's it going so far with your "git rich kwik skeem"? If you have one that works, would you mind sharing :-)?