Potty Mouth – How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop

dog toiletSome dogs have the power to make you go from “awww” to “ewww” in seconds; all it takes is for them to find their own poop or another animal’s before it disappears down the hatch on its way to their belly. You probably cringed reading this, but that’s why you’re here, right? However, there’s a good chance that your dog hadn’t been through puppy training. As a result, you’re forced to bear the humiliation ol’ potty mouth causes whenever he nibbles on excrement in public.

“Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?”

Different dogs tantalize their palate with feces for different reasons. Most, however, start from a young age because of the following:

  • Puppy Sees, Puppy Does – Mom-dogs tend to clean up after their babies. Unfortunately, some pups believe that this is acceptable. As a result, they start eating their own between four and nine months of age.
  • Master Approves, Puppy Eats More – The idea of being licked by the same tongue that flicked through the cat litter isn’t a pleasant one. However, shouting with disgust and chasing your puppy for being bad is more of a reward than a punishment. As a result, he’s bound to play eat-poop-and-seek often.
  • Puppy Likes, Puppy Eats – Most dogs start developing a taste for other animals’ poop because of its taste (oh, the horror!). Apparently, manure may contain undigested corn or other ingredients which your dog may like. Similarly, cat poop is like an energy bar because of its high protein content.

Habits aside, some dogs tend to eat excrement because they suffer from malabsorption syndromes. As a result, they eat stool to recover the nutrients they can’t digest normally. So consider visiting the vet before starting dog behavior training.

“How Can I Stop My Dog from Eating Literal Crap?”

While there isn’t a major health disadvantage of eating poop, you may want to stop it before you’re banned from the dog park or before your Gross-O-Meter reaches its limits. The following tips can definitely help you in this regard.

  • Limit Your Dog’s Access to Poop – Prevent your dog from getting his paws onto and teeth into poop. For instance, you can keep the kitty litter away from him and supervise him while outside. Moreover, consider keeping him on a leash before he dives face first into the fresh file of poop he just produced.
  • Interrupt Your Pooch During the Act – If you find her pigging out on excrement, don’t make eye contact or speak to her. Instead, clap your hands or squeeze a squeaky toy to interrupt her. This will make her step away rather than encourage her to eat more.
  • Find Fun Activities for Your Dog – Dogs tend to start burying for “tasty” treasures when bored. So counter this behavior by increasing his playtime to 20 minutes twice a day. You can also include different toys like interactive dog toys to develop their mental capacity.
  • Change the Taste – You can add different products or spoonfuls of canned spinach/pumpkin/pineapple to your pooch’s food to change her poop’s taste or consistency. This may help them break their habit and relieve you from being subjected to disgusted looks or the urge to barf.

If your pooch won’t stop, you’ll need an expert on behavior training for dogs to help you. In addition to teaching your pooch to obey you and consequently stop, we have a few surefire methods up our sleeve. Through these, we can curb bad behaviors once and for all and guarantee you the ‘good dog’ you’ve always wanted since you brought him home.


What should you do if you walk your dog 3 miles per day, feed her the best food, take her to the vet incase there is something else wrong, and you take your dog outside to potty every hour between 7am and midnight, yet they still continue to eat their poop furiously? Sometimes, I can catch her before she gobbles it down but when she hasn't had the poop in days and I'm not paying close enough attention, she will devour that poop at the speed of light. It's definitely compulsive. I'm at a complete loss because her breath smells like the gates of hell and I just want her to lose this obsession with poop.

Sam Ivy
Sam Ivy

Hi Mel, To break this habit you will have to really watch your dog closely for a couple of weeks to make sure she doesn't get a chance to indulge herself again: Put a leash on her every time you take her outside. Give the leash a quick and firm pull and say "No!" as soon as she turns around after doing her business to eat her poop. If the correction comes every time she even tries to sniff at her poop she will learn that this behavior is not acceptable. In addition I would recommend giving her supplements that can help with breaking this habit by changing the taste of her stool like "NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent".