Attention! Important Tips for Combatting Dog Breath

Boxer dog teeth cleaning
Boxer dog teeth cleaning

At ease, dog owner! Now there have been reports of your dog’s breath terrorizing the citizens of your home and everyone dropping by. While you may have developed a protective shield against it, others are in danger, especially if your pooch hadn’t undergone puppy obedience training and tends to jump on others. Just to give you a heads-up, the obnoxious smells coming your way are caused by conditions such as diabetes, inflammation of nose, nasal passages and sinuses, and gastrointestinal problems. You shouldn’t rule out trauma, bacterial or fungal infections, or dietary issues. 

Now – one, two, three, hup… It’s time for you to go beyond smelly enemy lines! Gear up using the following 10 tips and Godspeed.

#1) Keep Him Hydrated

Send the troops to inspect his water bowl. The absence of moisture is bound to promote the growth of bacteria, so fight it by providing your pet with fresh water at least three times a day.

#2) Add Veggies to Her Diet

Add vegetables to your dog’s rations. Meat is scarce on the battlefield and it should compromise a smaller part of her weekly diet. Instead, fight the foul smell with vegetables such as carrots. You can easily find out which vegetables your pooch should consume to diffuse the foul-smelling threats in her mouth.

#3) Get a Tube of Doggy-Friendly Toothpaste

Brush your canine’s canines with toothpaste formulated for pets. You should target the upper teeth since that’s where most of the plaque builds up. You should also brush his tongue thoroughly to reduce the bacteria in his mouth. If your dog is still young, consult with a dog whisperer to learn how to make him accustomed to brushing his teeth.

#4) Give Her a Bone to Chew On

Raw bones and healthy chew toys are your weapons against this smelly situation. Unwrap them and throw them to your dog to get rid of tartar buildup that causes dog breath. Just remember that you can’t just give him any bone; there are things you should ensure beforehand.

#5) The Apple a Day Rule Applies to Your Pooch

Back at your home base, you were trained to believe that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Interestingly, it can keep Fido’s dentist at bay as well. So peel and offer him a golden delicious or your favorite apple to get to the core of his doggy breath issue.

#6) Experiment with Dental Doggy Treats

There are many specialized dental treats that you can use to diffuse the smelly situation. You can opt for breath sprays and mouthwashes if your ol’ gal has been through professional dog training and knows how to behave. However, check the label for xylitol, which is a very toxic ingredient for dogs. You’re supposed to come back with survivors, not nuke your pup!

#7) Don’t Let Him Get S**t on His Face

If you have a cat at home, one of the reasons your dog’s breath smells like crap is the fact that he’s eating it. In addition to curbing this habit, you should move the litter box out of his muzzle’s reach. Place the litter in a place where only your devious feline can access. Also steer your dog away from the poo poo platter lying around his favorite park or walking route.

#8) Add Probiotics to His Meals

Probiotics designed for dogs are sly defense mechanisms against bad breath bacteria. Administer them according to your vet’s recommendations and you’ll never have to worry about dog breath again. If you too are starting to suffer from bad breath, consider using an organic brand of probiotic that both you and the smelly enemy can use.

#9) Add a Touch of Oil to Her Food

You can slip in and destroy those foul germs infecting your dog with the help of coconut oil and neem tree extracts. Coconut oil will also boost her digestive and immune systems while improving her metabolic functions. As for neem tree extracts, this botanical oil will improve her skin and coat while promoting her oral health. Simply add a teaspoonful of coconut oil over her food or slip through a need extract black capsule twice weekly.

#10) Get Him to the Doggie Paramedics

Regardless of how well you take care of your dog, there’s always a chance that he’ll develop oral or health issues. So keep your vet in the loop and take your dog for regular check-ups. Even if your vet doesn’t suggest any products, the least he or she can do are teach you how to properly brush your pet’s teeth and recommend foods you can use to counter this issue.

Now that you’ve been briefed, don’t just stand there. Suit up and get ready to fight the bacteria giving hell to everyone around you. Good luck!