Advanced On-Leash Obedience – Private Course

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  • Your own, password protected portal with access to your course materials and all the recordings of your training sessions. The portal also allows you to upload videos and pictures to share with your trainer
  • Completely customized course curriculum: We will determine your individual training needs during your Initial Consultation and the course will be structured to meet your specific training needs
  • Included in this package: The full Proper Pack Behavior course and the full Intermediate On- Leash Obedience course
  • 15 private, live online training sessions with your personal Sam Ivy K9 dog trainer
  • Full support during your training program: You will be able to contact your personal trainer anytime via text message
  • Average course duration: 7-8 weeks

There is nothing better than having a perfectly trained dog! Can you imagine how awesome it would be if your dog would listen to you

  • every time you give a command,
  • immediately when you give the command
  • regardless of the command being given verbally or as a hand signal?

That is what it means to have a dog that knows REAL obedience. When your dog is used to focussing on you, she will “listen” to you, even in high distraction. When you tell your dog to “heel”, he will walk by your side calmly until you stop walking – when you stop, your dog will sit by your side. When tell your dog to lay down, he will lay down and not get up until you release him. When you call your dog, she will come, immediately and no matter what is going on around you.

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