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Initial Consultation

Free Initial consultation

Meet with one of our consultants to discuss your training needs

Your initial consultation is where we get to the heart of the matter! We will come to you, free of charge, to meet you, your partner and your pup to see and discuss where the problem lies. We mentioned "partner" as an option as we have found that meeting with both partners of a relationship helps tremendously, as it puts everyone on the same page regarding the issues at-hand, and allows you both to make an informed decision together.

We're sure you've got a lot of questions. Our consultant will be delighted to hear the issues you are facing and share his or her wealth of training knowledge with you. We've worked with every predicament a dog owner can have - if a dog can do it, we have seen it! You might even be surprised to learn about some of your dog's behaviors which, perhaps, you never knew how commmon they are or you never knew the underlying cause of. Some of our past clients actually felt "enlightened" by the experience! See our testimonials section for more.

Give us one hour of your time - for free - and we will give you the best of our experience to help you make an educated decision on how to proceed. We will discuss the various programs and work together to find the one which is right for you.

You can reserve an appointment for your initial consultation, by visiting our online scheduling system for Tampa or Fort Lauderdale or calling us at 877 234 3923. We look forward to meeting you!

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