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Service Dog Training

Service Dog and Therapy Dog training

Training for working canines

For those who need their dog to accompany them where ever they go due to a disability and for those who wish to share the companionship and love of their dog with people in hospitals and other care facilities, we offer our Service Dog and Therapy Dog training program. Due to the intensive and comprehensive nature of this program, both dog and handler must be pre-approved before they can enroll.

You will be able to participate in this program only after completing the Proper Pack Behavior training and the regular On-Leash Obedience training programs. The main focus of the Service Dog program is to ensure that your dog remains calm and obedient and able to perform his tasks even in situations with very high distraction.

The minimum training requirements to pass the Public Access Test for Assistance Dogs are:

  • No aggressive behavior toward people or other animals. No biting, snapping, snarling, growling or lunging and barking at them when working off your property, i.e. in public spaces.
  • No soliciting food or petting from other people while on duty.
  • No sniffing merchandise or people or intruding into another dog's space while on duty.
  • Your dog must be socialized enough to tolerate strange sights, sounds, odors etc. in a wide variety of public settings.
  • He or she can ignore food on the floor or dropped in its vicinity while working outside the home.
  • He or she works calmly on a leash. No unruly behavior or unnecessary vocalizations in public settings.
  • No urinating or defecating in public unless given a specific command or signal to toilet in an appropriate place.

As you can see, a high level of competence is required for your dog to be at this level of assistance and we are ready to take you and your dog all the way. After completing our Service Dog training program your dog will be prepared to remain at your side, focus on you and assist you no matter where you go and no matter what goes on around you.

If this is the training your dog needs to help see you through and be by your side, schedule a FREE Initial Consulation so we can discuss if this training program is right for you and your dog.

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