Alexis Taylor


Born in Queens New York and living there until 7 years old, Alexis then moved to New Jersey, and lived there until 11 years old when her family moved to Florida. She has had dogs all her life from their family dogs Champy (champagne) and Egypt, to her own dogs today Coco and Marley. Growing up Alexis was either playing sports or working with animals. In high-school Alexis had 2 pigs (Oreo and Buddy) and a dairy heifer (Holly) that she showed at the Florida State Fair. She was also highly involved in sports, playing basketball, flag football, track, fencing, and tennis. But career wise, she always wanted to help animals and aspired to become a veterinarian. Having yet to apply to vet school, she still wanted to help animals and make a difference in their lives. Alexis graduated from the University of Florida In 2013 with a BS in Agriculture Operations Management. After graduation Alexis has been working with animals at veterinarian offices as well as doggy daycares.Joining the Sam Ivy K9 Team has allowed her continue helping dogs and their families. When she is not working, she is either playing a sport, coaching kids in various different sports, or hanging out with family and friends.

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