Claudia Guaremas

Consultant and Team Coordinator

Claudia Guaremas has had a passion for dogs since she was a small child in her home country of Venezuela. Due to its political unrest, Venezuela has become the number one country in South America’s rate of homicides. This incredible civil and political unrest forced Claudia’s family to make the very tough decision to leave everything behind and relocate; starting completely over in the United States. This was five years ago.

Starting from nothing was not easy for Claudia and her family, but having the strongest work ethic and desire to overcome these challenges, Claudia has worked very hard since being here in the US. She has graduated with an Associate in Arts from Hillsborough Community College, and she is currently attending Florida International University to get her bachelor degree in Business.

Claudia joined Sam Ivy K9 Consultants three years ago and has embodied the values and principles of the company almost since day one. She rescued her dog Chico a 7yr old Pit Bull mix who was clearly abused and has now trained him to the highest level. She was trained directly under Sam Ivy and Bradley Bourque and is certified in Proper Pack Behavior, Basic to Advanced Obedience, Elite Level Off-leash Training and Service Dog Training.

Today, Claudia has been promoted from Team Trainer to Team Coordinator in our system. She will be heading up her own team of trainers in Ft Lauderdale, Fl January 2017. Claudia has become a great leader with the help and support of her family. She has a deep compassion for her clients and their dogs, and is determined to help them experience the best and most lasting bond possible.